What's up with auto Renew?

Sure thought I was on auto renew but website telling me I’m expired and gives me button to renew subscription. When I click on it I see a message saying “we are in the process of renewing you’re automatic renewal and it will update shortly”. It has said that all day and I don’t have access to the member area.



Our admin, Donna Cregar, has been on a very, very well-earned vacation this past week, and I’m pretty sure she won’t see your post from last night (Saturday) until Monday morning. We unshackled John Ylinen from his COPA cage long enough so he could spend a bit of his allowed visitation time with his family. (Just kidding, but I suspect this being early Sunday morning he may not be jumping onto the Forums quite this early.)

I expect we’ll get this sorted out for you as Donna digs out from a week’s worth of trouble tickets, email and phone messages. Hang in there, we’ll figure it out.

Be safe and have fun,