This is the only place I can post this

Someone please help.

I have paid for an active membership but this site has been going haywire for me. When I was out of town a few weeks ago it somehow automatically subscribed me to every forum post blowing up my inbox right before my membership was about to expire. I unsubscribed to all the forums, renewed my membership and it subscribed me to every forum again! Now in my profile it states I have an active membership but I can’t post anywhere but the guest forum, not even the tech support forums. I can’t find a contact for tech support. Please help!

-Andrew Gray

COPA member.


Not sure why you are having problems but I know that our site is having some growing pains and sometimes this stuff happens for no apparent reason. Thanks for your patience while IT tries to work through the glitches.

Right now you are not subscribed to any forums. To fix this, select “Forums” and then select “Join Topic” to all of the forums that you would like to post in/see.

I hope that helps.


Thanks for reaching out. For some reason my account is functioning like an unpaid guest member. That’s why I’m posting in the guest forum instead of the tech forum. Can someone move this post to the tech forum for me?


I looked at your account - Your membership is active and seems to be operating normally. I am not sure why you can’t “Join Topic” from the Forum tab (top left).

I will let IT know that you are having problems. I am reluctant to do any more than that because we have had some hacking attacks recently and I want to make sure that you are, well, you.

Just for giggles, have you tried logging out and then logging back in?

The problem is I can’t even post to the member forums. Yes I I just tried logging out and in again. It didn’t work.

Andrew, Tony is right; you have not “joined” any topics.

Make sure you are logged in, and then click here and click on “Join topic” for every Forum you want to access and post in.

Yes but if I do that I get emails of every post. I don’t want that.

Andrew, you can turn off the emails in your profile.

I just turned off all topic emails for you in your Profile. Go ahead and re-join all the Forums.