What's this?

You might be asking, “What this little next to my name?” (or not next to my name)

There has been some confusion in the past about exactly where the image appeared, etc. In addition, the COPA Response moderators (technical liasons and medical experts) used to have a next to their names that some people confused for the symbol.

So now, I’ve changed a few things. Whenever you’re actually reading a post, you can look to the left and if you see , you know that poster is a COPA Member.

Whenever you see a list of titles/authors of multiple posts, you’ll see a small next to the poster’s name, if they’re a COPA member.

If you don’t see these icons, it just means that person has not joined COPA, and so we can’t authenticate who they are.

Hope this clears up the confusion that some people have been experiencing.

As always, please let me know (by writing me at stevenclin@yahoo.com) if you have any questions about the web site.



If it’s not too big a software hurdle, you could omit the >C flag from the Member’s Forum, since they’re redundant there.