What stuff to take to Duluth

I’m going to Duluth on Nov 3 to take delivery on SR22. Would like to know what equipment eg. baggage, flight bag, charts and maps to take. I’m taking the Flight instruction in Duluth (3 days) and then flying to NE Phila. Also did the previous pilots carry their flight bags on the comercial flight to Duluth or put the flight bags in with their luggage. I have a hand held transciever and GPS and headset I would rather not pack with my baggage… Should I contact airport security in Phila before departure date to Duluth to find out whom I should arrange for carry on baggage… Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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What stuff to take to Duluth

Your credit card :slight_smile:

But seriously; I shipped to my motel, via UPS, my headsets, Jepp binders, handheld transceiver and GPS, and all the other usual junk we flying packrats take in our planes. It worked just fine.

We shipped our headsets and other aviation paraphernalia to Duluth via FedEx, with instructions to hold the package at the FedEx office (located at the Duluth airport, about a half mile from Cirrus). Worked fine.

Just make sure to dress warmly — the snows have already begun in Duluth. And don’t try sticking your tongue on any lampposts!


I took the simple route; maybe not the smartest: I took all my flight bag items, put them in a regular suitcase with the flight bag itself folded in there, and checked it as regular luggage to go from DC to Duluth. The luggage has a lock. It worked fine. I took all the tools I would need for the long flight home. The handheld radio, portable GPS and all the charts all fit in one dedicated suitcase. Then I just took my clothes in an additional bag and all worked fine.
The clothes turned out to be more important. It IS cold there now and will remain so until next year. DRESS WARM. You do not need a whole lot else except money. You will wind up spending extra cash for the oil, relays, extra strobe light and other Cirrus recommended items. They also have a new store where you can but Cirrus apparel.
The ride back is faster than you think in the SR 22!

I packed everything including a laptop into two bags and a backpack with the idea I would carry it all on. Almost made it. At the security check point I had to give up one of the three, making a decision to hold on to the laptop and the backpack. The third bag containing clothes, headset and icom, etc.and didn’t get there until 7:00 am the following morning requiring a trip to JC Penney. Consequently, my suggestion is to have only two bags as carryons and ship UPS or Fedex all else. No one seems to care we have headsets, etc.
Enjoy your pickup. Richard

I threw my flight bag, charts, etc. into a shipping box and checked it on the plane as baggage…I guess it’s anyone’s guess whether that’s a more or less reliable way of keeping track of it than UPS or FedEx.


Just DO NOT use HERTZ when you arrive. It’s operated locally and they do NOT honor the nationally booked prices. If you would like to discuss it, please call 478-474-8445. Other than that,Duluth is wonderful. Every business in town (other than Hertz) bends over backward to accomodate Cirrus customers. I stayed a week and would go back just for the fun of it all. Great Place. Good Luck. Henry Davis(#238) SR22
Macon Ga.

Cirrus recommended ACARS for a car rental and they are very helpful. Used them 2 weeks ago and they will pick you up at the hotel and you can leave the car at Cirrus when you depart. They are friendly and you avoid all the airport taxes by picking up the car off site. Their office is only a short distance from the airport exit.

ACARS may be great, but late flights from the west coast arrive after they are closesd, so the logistics of getting to the hotel and picking up your car may be a problem. Hertz was open until the last flight into Duluth.


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ACARS may be great, but late flights from the west coast arrive after they are closesd, so the logistics of getting to the hotel and picking up your car may be a problem.

ACARS picked me up at the hotel the next AM. They were very accommodating.

I arrived at 11 PM. Took a short cab ride to my hotel for about 6 bucks and ACARS came and picked me up early the next morning.
It was easy and seamless.

Glad to hear good recommendation for ACAR. I now remember that my hotel was farther away, the Hawthorne Suites, and they didn’t agree to pick me up there. Was a year ago, and hopefully the Cirrus reputation continues to grow in Duluth and consequently, folks are more accommodating.