COPA M-15 TO BE A SELL-OUT: What are you people doing? We have already requested more rooms at the Opryland Gaylord Hotel, and they are approaching a sell out for our room block.

PLEASE, before all of the rooms are gone; PLEASE make your reservation and DO IT NOW !!! REALLY . . . NOW

(615) 889-1000 and tell them you want one of those discounted rooms for the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Assn Migration #15 . . .*BTW, our attendance #'s have already exceeded previous years. This is going to be one great event !!!



Not to disasgree with anything you say, but the SoundWave park does not open until 2018. It does look cool, however!

Harry!!! Shhhhh!!! Dennis is selling!!! [:)]

And he’s doing a damn good job of it I might add. M15 has the highest number of registrations in the first three weeks since Stan Jensen has been keeeping track.

Are you my wife? She disagrees with whatever I say too.

As to the asserted “fake news”, The inference that the hotel’s promotional materials constitute anything not currently a reality is a distortion of fact. Upon further inquiry to the hotel administration, they claim that the Russians might have been involved, and while not exactly as represented in their promotional materials just yet, the staff claims that you are still in the best facility in town, which . . .

is getting ever closer to selling out all of the rooms blocked out for COPA.

So, if you haven’t booked your room, you can either;

A) sleep in your plane

B) sleep under your plane for which you are guaranteed to bump you head when you wake up, or

C) pay $350-400 per night for a room.

Thanks for the reminder! I’ve registered!

Did you;

  1. Register with the hotel?

  2. Register at the COPA website?

Ya gotta do both

Gotcha, Dennis. I’m checking my records to see if we were onced married. Sure sounds like it! Double checking my checkbook to see where I hid the alimony.

Hope to see you at the water slide. I might be a little late… Wait for me?

All kidding aside, thanks for all the hard work in making sure M15 is a total success (and sellout). A debt of gratitude is due.

We accept beer on non-flying days

Sure did! One question for you as well…how late can one “edit” a registration. The wife might want to come along, but she is pregnant and not 100% sure if she will be up for flying in mid-september. Would it be best to register her now? or wait until we are closer?

You can register anytime, but the early registration discount cuts off in 36 days from today.

Anyhow, if you register your wife now, and the baby is born after registration, there is no extra charge for the additional child.

Good morning Dennis. How do I sign my wife and daughter up for the boat trip. I could not find A link?


Go back and edit your registration where you registered them Tom.

Like all of the other “add-on” events that require individual registration (engine maint, etc) you would click the box on their registration for the spouse event. If you still have a problem, let me know.

If you haven’t visited in awhile, stop by. There are all sorts of important posts (and some just for fun) over at the Facebook page.


BTW, as of this date, we have exceeded the highest registration for this given date by about 45%, so get your room if you haven’t and PLEASE REGISTER while the discount is still in place.

Great to hear that we have so many people coming. I am just going to follow Dennis around and watch peoples faces when he talks. Don’t worry Dennis your accent will work in Nashville about as well as it did in Dallas. As always I will be there to bail you out if you need a translator. Same goes for you Gman. If you make it down with your lowly turboprop.

Again and yes. This will be my wife’s first migration. So I may be on good behavior. Maybe not!