Weight & Balance Information

I would like to get some specific weight and balance information for the SR22.

First some background. I am the author of http://lauriedavis9.tripod.com/copilot/CoPilot, a flight planning program for Palm handheld computers. Many people have problems determining the correct weight and balance data to put into the aircraft database. I am planning on adding a section to the website which goes through the detail of finding the required data in the Pilot’s Operating Handbook. The example I intend to use is the SR22. Once piece of data that is not available in the handbook is the Basic Empty Weight and the corresponding Moment or CofG.

I would like to include a scanned copy of an actual weight and balance report for an SR22 to make it very clear what to look for. I would appreciate it very much if an SR22 owner would send me a scanned copy of their actual weight and balance form.

Hopefully you will not mind having your basic empty weight displayed for all to see on the internet :slight_smile:



P.S I have been a regular lurker on this and the previous websites since well before the first SR20 delivery. I visited the factory in Duluth when they were making the second prototype.

even though your program predated the 100 Lbs increse on my SR20, I still use your prigram faithfully on my Palm Pilot.
A great tool indeed. You have my gratitude.