website speed

this website crawls…someone should take a look at upgrading capacity…

very, very, slow paced site…

Yes, we know. Expect improvement soon. We’re going to significantly upgrade our server.

Patience grasshopper.

It could be worse… Read what happened to the poor Cessna 150/152 group’s forums: (about 1/2 way down the page)

We’ll be trying a few things over the next 2 weeks or so to improve performance; quite possibly this will involve adding additional server capacity to the system. Please bear with us for the next couple weeks, and then expect to see an improvement.

Powering down a good portion of the northeast today seems to have had a beneficial effect on the website speed, at least for us left-coasters!


I suspect the power outage in the Northeast happened after the betting computers at the Atrlantic City casinos were programmed with information about California recall election… whereupon the computers took down the grid in a fit of and loathing.


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It could be worse…


It could be sooo much worse. I follow the TBM700 owners list which is Yahoo-based. Just wading through the amount of advertising that is bundled into that forum saps your energy for the content. We are so incredibly lucky that you volunteer the effort to create this exemplary forum. Many thanks again!

DITTO Steve! I got the extra 2-3 seconds!