I picked up my SR22 about a month ago. It is not clear to me whether I need to fill out the warranty forms for avionics etc that were with some of the user manuals. Has Cirrus done this already? I have no record of the serial numbers and it does not seem possible to read them off installed instruments.

Roger Buchanan

I went through the same thing. The warranty forms are a pain. There are about a dozen of them and many of the serial numbers are not readily available. I called cirrus and in about a day, they sent all the numbers I needed. For those who have not yet taken delivery, you might want to call ahead and ask Cirrus to have all the serial numbers needed for the warranties available when you pick up your plane, or have them give them to the delivery pilot. It would be nice if this were part of the delivery package. Also, it would help if a simple table of all the warranty periods were in the package.

I believe that a manufacturer may not deny warranty coverage because you didn’t fill in a warranty card. Usually those are just for marketing purposes, but of course we’d like to receive SB & AD info too.

We operate a fleet of 8 Cirrus (Ceri?) and I have had no problem with warranty issues and I never filled out a registration card. Most important however is that you get these serial numbers. If you have any avionics stolen and you dont have those, your insurance company WILL give you a hard time about it.

I am finding out some surprises about Garmin warranties.

During an annual and Arnav Enginewatch installation, my number one 430 had to be replaced. Cirrus sent a new one.

After replacing, I lost the GPSS function, which requires programming the new 430, but Service Centers are not given that info (must be done by a Garmin dealer).
The nearest dealer was 15 miles away, so they came to reprogram the 430, also to brighten the screen, which was not as bright as the number 2 430, and check the function of the marker light and to try to duplicate a comm problem I had on an approach (2 cirrus guys together when approach said they lost us).

$ 481.00!!!

The dealer said Garmin wouldn’t cover it so I called Garmin and they said they would, but only allow one hour.

So the dealer credited one hour and billed me for $ 401.00.

What gives? You all better hope your Garmin troubles are solved in one hour!!!

Real disappointed,

Harrell Ligon #70

I was equally dismayed by the raft of warranty cards
however the POH has a list of all the installed equipment
with model and serial numbers on the aircraft which makes
the job a little easier.

– Andrew

The only section that I can find in my POH that is specific to my SR22 is the Delivered Weight Data and Equipment List (end of Section 6). The equipment list contains all installed equipment but no serial numbers, ony part numbers.

Roger Buchanan

Same with me. Only part numbers in the POH equipment list; no serial numbers.