Vaue of Experience & Fun in Instruction

I had a similar experience with Matt McDaniel as an instructor when I took delivery of an SR22 in June. His knowledge and professionalism made the transition an easy one. During the initial inspection, he pointed out some deficiencies that I had overlooked. As an instructor, he was able to assess my abilities and really focus on the areas that I needed, without being condescending like so many are at his level of experience.
I recommended Matt to a friend who is scheduled to receive his SR22 in September before I knew anything about Matt’s plans for Progressive Aviation Services. I would certainly allow him to deliver my next Cirrus and recommend him to anyone for that service or any initial or recurrent training.
No, I am not his brother-in-law or related in any way. He turned me on to this site and I felt compelled to register my comments.


Matt was also my instructor in Duluth. I think I was one of his first trainees. He made the trip with me to my home base and we trained there. Everything about his training was first class. No wasted time. He made the training fit my needs and made sure I was very comfortable before moving on to another area. I think Matt has a lot to bring to the table for anyone interested in Cirrus instruction.