New 22, Training and Thanks

Picked up our new aircraft last week!

I wish to thank the founders of the COPA site. I followed it for four months prior to purchasing our aircraft and becoming a member last month. Your commentary and insight have been greatly appreciated.

Secondly, I wanted to recommend Progressive Aviation for training. We spent the past week working with Matt McDaniel. I learned far more from Matt than just how to fly the 22. He is truly knowledgeable about this aircraft and it’s systems, but more importantly he taught me to be a more professional and safer pilot. I will hire Matt’s services in the future and I recommend him to anyone that is preparing to pick up their aircraft.

Once again thanks to all of the members.

P.S. The 22 is wonderful and I am still smiling!


Congratulations on your '22, and welcome to COPA!


Thanks Mike. I have seen your numerous posts/photographs and they are great!