Unsolicited testimonial

The Cirrus Design web site has a very neat http://www.cirrusdesign.com/pdf%20files/letter_Lewisville%20letter%20to%20Alan2002.pdftestimonial from the fire chief of Lewisville, Texas, where Lionel Morrison’s SR22 made its historic parachute landing.

That’s a great testimonial.
I wish I could remember where I read the following story – if you or anyone else knows the details, please advise. To the best of my recollection, it’s about a pilot who ran out of fuel during the approach to his airport.
He tried to stretch the glide, but didn’t quite make it – he landed in the runway undershoot area. He got out, and found that the airplane had some damage; he was OK, but shaken.
The first to arrive on the scene was the fire chief. He walked around the airplane once, then went up to the pilot and said in an accusing tone, “You’re just lucky you didn’t have any fuel on board!

Let’s hope it’s a fictional account…