Two safety articles from Cirrus Pilot posted in Pull Early, Pull Often blog

Getting caught up a bit, I have posted two recent safety articles in the Pull Early, Pull Often blog.

CAPS: How Low Can You Go? Or How High Do You Need to Be? (Cirrus Pilot Jul-Aug 2015)


Every Cirrus aircraft built has a parachute system. Cirrus engineers designed it with “Safety is not an option.” Yet, those engineers did not provide guidance for a minimum deployment altitude. Let’s discuss that.

COPA/Cirrus Aircraft Examine Loss of Control Accidents (Cirrus Pilot, Jan/Feb 2016)

For***years,**safety advocateshave *preached that pilots need to deal with loss of control in aviation accidents, but what does that mean? How does it happen? How does it apply to our Cirrus fleet, and what do we do about it?