Twin Towers photo

I was going through my photo archives and found this view of the World Trade Center; I thought the picture was nice enough to share. (See attachment).

I took the photo out the right window of an airplane I co-owned before I bought my SR20 - a C172, N7995G - while southbound on the East River, on 4/25/99.


Nice pic Mike. Did you take that before or after 9/11? [:P]

It is still hard to believe those towers are gone.



Nice picture. Attached is a picture taken the Saturday before 9/11/01 (9/8/01).

Easy on the joking! I know of at least one owner/COPA member who lost a spouse on that day. …Ed

I grew up, well, was raised just outside of NYC and know of at least 7 friends and former co-workers who worked in the building at the time. By the graces of God all either got out or were not in the building at the time.

Most of my family still lives outside of NYC and they have spent a good deal of time with their friends who did lose family members. It has touched us all in one way or another.

My condolences go out to all that lost loved ones or friends. No disrespect was intended. For me, I find that humor is the best medicine.


FYI, the NYC Hudson River VFR “flyway” has been accessable again since the “ground zero” TFR went away. The new Statue of Liberty TRF extends east to Governor’s Island, but the New York FSS told me as long as “you stay to the east of the lighthouse” on the island you’ll be okay.

See attachment.

Sorry, here’s the right one…