Turn Coordinator Location in SR22-G2

In a G2 with Avidyne PFD and STEC55 autopilot; Where is the Turn coordinator located?

The only mention I found in the maintenance manual says “Remove LH kick plate”. (Refer to 25-10)" and that is under the System Thirty autopilot section, no mention of the TC in the 55 system section. Then referring to 25-10, it only talks about removing the LH kick plate from the center console. Is that where the TC is located?

The IPC only shows the TC in the early six-pack, but list if for all aircraft from SN 118 up.

The Cirrus Wiring Diagrams offer very little clue as to where most parts are located. This is especially frustrating since I am used to using P-3 Orion diagrams that detail the location of every pin and component shown in the wiring diagrams, and much more comprehensive information in the parts drawings. The Cirrus is just a little airplane, why can’t it have the same level of information in its manuals?

Going through post here I only found a reference for moving the TC from the six pack location during an upgrade, but that didn’t seem to duplicate the G2 factory location.

Can someone please tell me exactly where it is and how to access it? If anyone has a photo or knows of some source in the manuals that I have missed please post to help.

Left hand? In my 2006 SR22-G2 the TC is mounted under the RIGHT hand side kick plate. Take of the panel and you’ll see it.

Thank you Alexs, but I am still unsure what is meant based on what I encountered with the maintenance manuals. Is that reference to the center console or the aircraft?

Are you saying the TC is located behind the panel that is to the right of the copilot’s feet or the left of the copilot’s feet (right side of console) or to the right of the pilot’s feet?

It’s mounted above the right side kickplate. The kickplate is the metal plate above the co-pilot’s feet, forming the bottom of the instrument panel. Here’s the IPC diagram, it’s fairly clear. Remember that in this context FWD always means towards the front of the aircraft, left and right are with respect to the left and right of the aircraft, not the viewer.

You can see the TC if you look in through the opening around the copilot’s side stick shaft.

Thanks Clyde,

After you showed it to me in the IPC in section 34, I noticed that Turn Coordinator was listed in the index under section 34. (Duh, howd i miss that?) I had initially found the one in 22-10-01 for the system 30 and thought I should be able to find the G2 version with the 55 autopilot. I was also interpreting “kick panel” as the panels at the sides as opposed to the upper panels covering the underside of the instrument panel.

Thanks for explaining it in great detail and straightening me out.

I had seen the “attitude disagreement” warning during last flight so am preparing to figure out the reason for that. From reading previous posts, it is apparently the turn coordinator needing some attention. Will see how it performs on next flight. Previous flight was a lot of touch and go in fairly brisk wind at 50% flaps so I’m “hoping” that caused the system to become uncoordinated enough to set that fault. On a previous point to point flight when I used autopilot, it performed perfectly.

The “System 30” has the TC integrated in its computer. The S-TEC55 and the attitude based DFC90 use the blind mounted TC as a 2nd reference.