TIPPFI - 2003

Announcing The Informal Plastic Planes Fly In, TIPPFI, to be held at Cleveland’s Burke Lakefront Airport on July 12th in conjunction with the Tall Ships’ participation in Cleveland’s Harborfest.

Details at http://marty.rob.com/tippfi/

This notice is being posted to the COPA Forum by me, and to the “LOPA” sites by co-conspirator Rob Logan (Legacy 2000 builder/owner).

To clarify the above…

“LOPA” is the Lancair Owners and Pilots Association <http://www.lancairpilots.org>.

So, http://marty.rob.com/tippfi/ .

Well, we are getting closer to TIPPFI, just three days away (or four if we have to go to the rain date).

[;)]I know - I’ll e-mail Scott and see if he’ll do a TIPPFI weather brief for us.

Lastly, as of wednesday AM, we have three Cirrii and three Lancairs listed as likely to attend (and several drive-in folks). Hey - Cleveland is no longer “The Mistake by the Lake,” come on down.

http://marty.rob.com/tippfi/ will be updated 'tween now and the event as things change. Stay tuned…

TIPPFI Updates…

(0) Park in front of the terminal building. My SR22 and Rob’s yellow Tweety-bird should already be there.

(1) Get together at the Women’s Air and Space Museum (within the BKL terminal building) starts at about noon. Lunch at Hornblowers starts at 1:30.

(2) Several of us will be around earlier helping the early arrivers find things to do[:)]

(3) Scott has produced good wx for us.

(4) Thanks to an unsung co-conspirator, Bob Metelko… Business Aircraft will discount fuel to $2.79 rather than the normal $3.16. We are trying to arrange overnight parking with them for those who need it (please let me know if you do).

(5) Nine plastic planes and counting…

(6) Keep checking http://marty.rob.com/tippfi for updates.

Did I forget anything?

Hmmm? What a difference a day makes.

The latest 00Z run of the Eta model is out. Not great news, but may not be bad news at this point. The areas of low pressure on the attached Eta 36 hour forecast are directly underneath the 500 mb upper flow (will attach this with a second post). So what does this mean?

It means that these lows are not going anywhere anytime soon. Basically they are trapped. The good news is that the severe weather has pushed off the coast. By 18Z, the forecast is for some heavier showers to move south into the Cleveland area by noon (or shortly thereafter).

Will it be a total washout? Right now I don’t think so, but I do expect some light showers during the morning and afternoon. I don’t expect any convective activity. There will probably be a 2000-2500 broken to overcast layer during the morning and afternoon. Let’s wait until tomorrow to see if this forecast persists. Will try to post in the early evening.


Many updates at http://marty.rob.com/tippfi/. Please keep fingers crossed for OK weather. More on weather issues later today…

Well, the forecast has been up and down. Last night it looked pretty rotten, and today it is looking much better. We’re enjoying very clear skies here in Baltimore right now as the front has essentially moved through.

With these stationary occluded systems, I find it hard to believe that the system will just lift right on out as anticipated. Currently, the system has not moved very far as evidenced by the slow northeast drift of the low pressure system. See the Surface Loop. In fact it is slowing down even though the model (see attached) wants to pick this system up can carry it away. I’m just not believing it. So, my forecast is to keep the chance of showers (especially in the morning/afternoon). I don’t anticipate this being a very low overcast event (2000-3000 broken at the worst with good vis below). The risk is that a sufficient amount of cool air advection behind the system will trigger some upper level instability in the afternoon causing some -TSRA. Lifted index shows marginal instability in the afternoon. Nothing severe.

Check everything in the morning, but I’d say it is a go. At least it won’t be hot!

TIPPFI happened. We had good weather (thanks Scott for making it so) and an interesting mix of people. Aircraft included 4 Cirri, about 7 Lancair, 1 Tiger and 1 C210 (and two cars). All in all, over 30 people participated. After a group lunch folks went off to enjoy the Cleveland activities.

Credit goes to co-conspirator (actually instigator) Rob Logan and also to contributor Bob Metelko (for arranging discount gas and overnight parking).

I got home sunburned, a bit dehydrated, a bit overheated, and tired - yep it was a good event.[:)] More details when my brain starts working again.

Above shows my SR22 and Rob’s Legacy 2000. Many additional images can be seen at http://rob.com/pix/marty-tippfi.

The public side of the Lancair forum has a post about TIPPFI http://lancair.net/lists/lml/Message/22390.html that includes a really great photograph.

A little off the subject but…whats the story on the millions of bugs (flying insects) at Lakefront? I was there last week and almost got carried away by them. I thought the love bugs in Fla were bad, but at least they were having a good time! Oh, the view of BKL and the city were beautiful as I poped out of a 500 ft ceiling on the approach. Nice folks at the FBO (Business Aircraft) too.

Marty: What type of festivities, entertainment and most importantly food will be available?

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“LOPA” is my wisecrack for the Lancair Pilots Association http://www.lancairpilots.org.

I thought they were “LOPA” (Lancair Owners and Pilots Association)?"



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whats the story on the millions of bugs (flying insects) at Lakefront

I have no idea and am happy that they don’t commute to my home base at Cuyahoga County (CGF) about 10 NE.

As I recall the “locals” call them “muffleheads”, see attached picture… I ran into swarms of them last year around Sandusky… No damage done and they washed right off [:)]. They usually only “hang around” a few weeks… may be “departed” by the time you all “migrate”…

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I thought they were “LOPA” (Lancair Owners and Pilots Association)?

You are correct and I’ll go fix my post.


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What type of festivities, entertainment and most importantly food will be available?

We are taking a disorganized approach.[:)] That is, only the greeting and leisurely mass lunch (“standard american,” I’ll order a hamburger :slight_smile: are organized. Then folks can go off, presumably in groups with similar interests, to enjoy all the stuff within walking distance of the terminal.

It might be possible to drive a few folks over to the shop where Rob’s plane was built and where another legacy may be under construction. (I’ll check with Rob on this.)

Also, a dinner could easily be organized if folks want to stay late (or overnight). We are open to suggestions.

See http://marty.rob.com/tippfi/ for evolving details (and maybe even an attendees list).

Doesn’t Diamond Aircraft have an organization?
I think it’s called DOPA

And I think there is an organization for women who don’t like the Cirrus ads called
Woman Against Cirrus Owners For Fairness

They are called fish flys in the lake st clair area. They are now arround by the millions. They only live 24 hours love to go to the lites. Shold be done by the 12 of july. Don

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It might be possible to drive a few folks over to the shop where Rob’s plane was built and where another legacy may be under construction.

There is another Legacy under construction. It will be possible to take some folks to see it.

Experimental folks (builders) get first preference for the visit. Then Cirrus and Lancair certified folks can go, first-come-first-served.

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maybe even an attendees list

Am about to add an attendees list to the bottom of http://marty.rob.com/tippfi/. So far, one Cirrus and two Lancairs…

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I know - I’ll e-mail Scott and see if he’ll do a TIPPFI weather brief for us.


Here you go…

Right now, the main cold front that’s causing so many problems around the area should be up into Canada and the associated front off the coast (see attached). I placed a good guess where the fronts should be.

The other nice thing is the “cooler” and dryer air behind the front. You can see this as the dashed red lines (thickness lines) are nosing down from Canada into Ohio. This means a cooler air mass in place.

Right now, the atmosphere looks stable behind the front and a good ride from most locations around Ohio. Will update tomorrow.

I won’t be able to make TIPPFI 2003, but I did my part – landing at BKL today, just to make sure that the place is in good condition! [;)]

Seriously, there is lots of construction going on at the airport – RWY 24L/6R is completely closed, as are most of the taxiways - so check NOTAMS. Fortunately, the FBO ramps that were closed last Sunday (aftermath of the “Grand Prix” event there on Saturday) are now open. This is the most Meigs-esque field I know - really beautiful - and I really enjoy flying there.