Tiny bubbles... in the w...

I’m curious to know what other owners are doing to protect their SR2N or any other “pride and joy” against the elements, if they don’t have access to a hanger. I’m number 215 in line for a hanger and not holding my breath! My main concern is damage from hail. Roofers had a “field” day replacing a bunch of roof tiles a few years ago here in Prescott AZ, as the sky became one huge icemaker. Needless to say the planes on the field were not immune.

I called Bruce’s Covers to see if they could put some sort of padding in the covers (Wings, Cabin, “enough time and money, the whole plane”) to protect against hail damage. Come to find out they have done some research for the government and have found that if they line the covers with bubble pack, the protected sheet metal can withstand a baseball size piece of ice shot out at 95 MPH. You can add the bubble pack yourself or they will add it for reasonable fee.

Has anyone out there with similar concerns used this solution? Any other ideas?


Walt N224AZ