Sun Shields

Has anyone found a company that makes Sun shields inserts for the SR-22. I checked with Cirrus and Sporty’s and neither one carries them? Do you have to have them custom made?


Check with’s Custom Covers and’s Aircraft Covers for interior heat shields for your SR22.


Try a search for Sun Shields. There have been prior discussions, including heat issues. I believe the discussions were on the Members and may also be in the members archive site.


I just purchased an SR22 and one of the first things I did was purchase sun screens from Sun Foil in AZ, They custom fit the Cirrus windows and store in the baggage area easily. I used their product on my 182 for ten years and they were in good condition when I sold the aircraft. Most of my travel is done in the southwest and I find these screens invaluable at keeping the cockpit cool when parked out at some AZ airport.

If I cannot find a hanger for the SR22 I will also purchase some covers to use during the time it is sitting at my local field. I used to cover the 182 when at my field but take the sun shields with me on trips and leave the cover in the trunk of my car.

Any opinions on which is better? Outside cabin cover or inside heat shields? The cabin covers are a pain to put on (especially in the wind) and tend to leave the windshield dirty when removed, whereas the inside heat shields appear to be an equal pain in the neck to put up, but I’ve never had the opportunity to try them.

Thoughts and suggestions?


I have a set of both and use them at different times. When the plane is out for a hundred dollar burger/breakfast, I use the interior sun shield, mainly the windshield one. Its easy and keeps the cabin cool, which is the only thing I am concerned about here in Arizona for something like that.

When out overnight or longer, I use an external cover. I am concerned about the Plexglass over time. The UV hammers its way in and then reflects right out, I cannot imagine that is too good for it. There were threads at one time here on COPA saying Cirrus recommended the external ones for that reason. I also believe it affords better protection as it covers multiple antennas, more of the fuselage and keeps the avionics cool.

My personal choice anyway.


I strongly recommend that a cover be used when tying down outside for any significant length of time. I have a 2/3 length Bruce cover and a windshield sun shield + cowl plugs. If possible I always carry along the Bruce cover (15 lbs) and use it over night. The shield and plugs are used sparingly on the road - especially if the cover is not along for weight reasons.

As far as putting the cover on during a breeze, I find it not a difficult problem by one person. Just start putting the cover on from the up-wind side and cover the top antenna first.


as goofy as it sounds, you know what works really well? a bunch of towels. i have about 6 white towels which I “borrowed” from my local health club that work excellent. I put the towels over my instruments, seats, headsets, etc. and it works great. Keeps it nice and cool, and you also have a towel around for when you are drinking that beer and hit turbulance. (j/k)

I was told that the reflective sun blockers create too much heat on the plexiglass and can cause it to warp (especially out here in the 120 degree vegas heat).

I use Kennon sun shields on my Cirrus and used shields by SunFoil about 15 years on my Cessna with no problems at all

N468JP SR20 #1261

sounds good;
I have a big white blanket to cover the dash, instruments, controls, etc.;
so far it never got spilled with beer :wink:


Thanks very much for all your input.

The biggest thing I dislike about the cabin cover is the fact that dust builds up in it and ends up on the windshield, which means the windshield has to be cleaned every time I fly, which is a pain and creates more potential for scratches. I use the best cloths and cleaners for the windshield, but it’s inevitable that the more it gets cleaned the more it will scratch.

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The biggest thing I dislike about the cabin cover is the fact that dust builds up in it and ends up on the windshield, which means the windshield has to be cleaned every time I fly

I have the lightweight Cunningham cover and I have never had this problem. Maybe I just haven’t used it enough, but it seems to be pretty dang clean to me.


I live in NJ and always need to clean my windshield before a flight due to the collection of dispatched bugs from the previous flight. I use Prist and the micro-cloth supplied with the aircraft. Using this combo results in a clean windshield and no scratches. If there is a concern of grit being collected, wash with water the windshield before the cleaner.

I am using the large Bruce Cover and have not experienced any grit under the cover which fits the aircraft snugly. I use foam over the temp probes to prevent holes in the cover. One nice feature of the Bruce cover is the inside white lining that is against the plane and windshields.


We have the heavier Bruce’s cover, and we’ve never had a problem with dust building up underneath. I imagine conditions would have to be very dusty and windy for this to happen.


I haven’t seen any problems with my Bruce cover either. It helps to make sure that you fold the inside surface to inside surface to cut down the possibility of transfer of dirt from the outside of the cover to the inside when it is stored.

I get the dirt mostly after a rain. Since the cover traps water when it gets wet, the water stays on the windshield and drys into dirty spots, hence the need to clean the windshield.

With the cover off, more water runs off the glass and doesn’t cause the spots. At least in my case.

My current cover is about 3 years old and causes this problem nearly all the time. I was going to wash it but have been told that washing it can remove whatever UV protection is built into it.

I’ve ordered custom sun shield inserts from Kennon for my new SR20 (#1372!) , so we’ll see how that works.

I haven’t noticed that problem. Sometimes I have to put the cover away wet and make sure that I put it on that night so it can dry out. I have put it on wet and not noticed that it has left spots on the Plexiglass. I think it will last much longer if it is folded carefully instead of just being stuffed in the bag. I would not wash the cover unless the maker said it was o.k. to do.