Can’t Get Past Guest While Signed In

Hello Joseph-

Please check your PMs.

Same problem,no PMs. Bob


You should be good to go.

Hi All
I’m still having the same issue with the new passcode.
Yep, understand that it’s a holiday.
Let me know next week when you get it dialed in.

Joe Lopinto

Joe- You should be fixed up now.

For anyone experiencing issues accessing the Member forums please post here or send me a PM (faster) and I will correct it as soon as I see the post.

We are experiencing a technical issue, and while we work to resolve this, I am able to apply a temporary fix on a case by case basis.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank those affected for their patience and understanding.

Best regards,


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Thank you.

Joe Lopinto

You are most welcome!



Hi, I’m having the issue as well.

Thank you,


Hello Michael-

Your Member access should be restored.

Having same problem.


You should be all set. Access should be restored

Thank you.

Yes, trouble accessing the members forum and “categories” for posting. Thank you for the help on this one!

Stuart- you’re good to go, please also check your PMs for more detailed information.

Same issue

Please give it a go now David.

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All good.
Thank you so much for the efforts.