The Cirrus

Just me again.I have been reading these post as most of my fellow cirrus production folks do. We talk about you customers alot.We discuss these post.We would not have such a great job if it were not for you fine folks.And we take the best care in every part we make for you.When I make parts for your birds, I imagine as it being my own.Most if not all of us just love airplanes and are so very happy to make such an awesome bird.You would not imagine the quality we have to create before it get close to making your bird… Cirrus has the highest standards.Nothing but perfection, I mean that.I make all the “Insides” of your birds just to let you know.I never rush.(even if I am behind a few)…I want it perfect.As all of us.It has to be.Not just for us but for you.The head fellas that run the whole deal only think of you guys.140%. Cirrus wants all probs taken care when they first hear them.Don’t worry about callin’ them up for questions.They will go 100% for ya.I have never flown in one but if I see one of you fellow pilots …take me around the patch once.Ok? On the spinnig post…If it were me…well … if your low and spinning pull it…it will save your life.If your up a bit.Let go of the controls and wait a turn or less and she will recover.If you have ever spun a 152 and let go.You know what I am talking about. I hear it’s the same thing.From the test pilot.He works here to…lol.

I see alot of post of maxing the bird out on weight.Any aircraft loaded will huff and puff.The real trick to this bird is…it’s sleek and fast …great mpg and you have cable tv.You can click and see whats going on ahead of you and with the bird…In detail …oh and the chute.I am a pilot myself.I read accident reports.Imagine how many pilots would have been saved in a mid-air with a chute.This aircraft is amazing… I can’t wait to fly what we made for you.Take care all. Don’t forget to take me around the pattern once … Rick

ItÂ’s good to hear this, Rick. Real quality (in the deep sense) requires this kind of passion in design and production and support. This is why I’m willing to wait two years for a Cirrus. Keep it up.

Rick - I will be there Monday and you have a ride around the patch!

Rick, thanks for your input. I wish that the people at TCM had the dedication and enthusiasm that is so obvious in your message - I’m sure we would not have had the engine problems that have arisen. But I’m sure that the folks at Cirrus will make sure that TCM and the other suppliers catch the bug.

Keep up the good work, and enjoy that flight around the patch. Should only be a couple of days now and I’ll get the chance to inspect your handiwork.


Rick - I will be there Monday and you have a ride around the patch!


I am very interested in reading your report about flying the Columbia 300 and how it compares to our bird.

Thanx for your patience. Your reports together with those of the other flying folks help us wading through 2 years of endless waiting. It’s you keeping our motivation high.