TEC Route over Quiet LAX (Full ATC)

Following a short, pleasant PilotsNPaws transport to Fullerton, we file, pick up, and fly a TEC Route back to Santa Barbara over a very quiet LAX. A TEC Route is a regionally specific, shorthand IFR clearance for a pre-packaged routing, and sometimes simplifies things a little. Have you flown a SoCal TEC Route? How ‘bout a TEC Route in the Northeastern USA? Do you see much benefit?
Thanks for your insight and enjoy the video!
Wayne, the GeezerGeek Pilot

Literally hundreds of times.

Here’s a relic: It’s a TEC Route “calculator” that was issued by the FAA Western Region (this was before FSDO’s) in 1977. You’d look for your departure airport on the left and then you’d slide the white card down until the little arrow pointed to your destination airport, and then you’d see the appropriate TEC route name, route, and altitude in the window at the bottom of the card.

You can see that these were the “Charlie” routes. Now we’re up to “Papa!”

BTW, you do not need to pre-file an IFR flight plan if you are going to fly between airports served by a SoCal TEC route. You can just call up Clearance Delivery or Ground and tell them you want the SBA Papa 6 to Santa Ana, for example. No problemo.


Gordon, I love the calculator! (although coming out of undergrad engineering in 1971 I swore to never use a “sliderule” again :-). And now I know why the “papa” today. Very cool info.

I’m aware of the ability to call for clearance without filing… and the advantage for example on training flights where your might fly several TEC Routes on a given training outing. In my case, it’s just a click on ForeFlight to file so I always do it that way.

Thx for sharing.

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