Stuck in Guest Mode after paying invoice?

Can someone help. Thank you!

Hello Jaime-

You should be all set, please let me know if you are unable to access the Member forums.

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Me too- got the email receipt, but shut out of the party!

You’re all set Andy-

Fellow COPAns, if your account lapses and you are demoted to “guest” once you update your payment information and renew your membership, you must log out and back in to the forums for the change to take effect, on rare occasions with certain browsers you may also need to clear your cache.

Here is how you log-out of the forums…

  1. Click on your User “Avatar” Icon on the upper Right
  2. Click the icon in the menu options
  3. Choose the last option, Click Log Out

You know you are logged out when you do not see your User “Avatar” Icon on the upper right any longer.


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