Static wicks

I seen 300 columbia today for first time and noticed it had static wicks why do we not need them on the srxx planes. Im Glad they are not needed but why on the 300 and not on the cirrus ? Thanks from Don


Lancair put them on the Columbia 300 to draw your attention away from the kit-plane-looking nose wheel.

Ouch !!!

I did notice that it does look odd the front nose wheel. But I do realy wonder why we dont need the static wicks. I did not get to set in it. It does not look as comfortible as my sr20. It is anice lookig airplane. This one had 2 md20 . From Don

Don’t rule out the possibility of the SR-20 becoming a “kitplane”…

I agree Don that the 300 front gear look like is was a design after-thought. I’m biased though I think that the SRXX are the sexiest GA aircraft out there.

Off the subject but speaking of static wicks they are used for high speed aircraft to shed static electricity that I understand and the SRXX could probably use them, but I have seen the wicks on a Piper Warrior! That just doesn’t make sense!

Hey! Watch it there. I have a Piper Warrior, complete with gap seals and every other speed mod. Believe me, that extra five knots I get makes up a significant percentage of my top speed! It’s all relative bub. :wink:

Regarding the static wicks…I’m neither a Cirrus or Lancair owner, but could it have to do with the fact that Cirrus uses metal control surfaces…thus, not need the wicks? Not aware if Lancair has the same composite/metal combo surfaces that Cirrus has. Thoughts anyone?

OK, let’s be serious! I have no knowledge of the certification requirements for Static wicks, but knowing the FAA, I am sure they are copious and extremely detailed.

If the Cirrus needed them, I’m sure that they would be there! Has anyone ever had an issue with static? I for one have never lost comms, and I do a reasonable amount of IMC flying.

I also don’t think the control surfaces have anything to do with it. Most metal airplanes have them. I just think the Cirruses don’t build up much static electricity.


Dave, I’m not knocking the Warrior. Trust me I have had the pleasure of flying many Warriors and I love them!! Good flyers and very good trainers IMHO. Just not speed speed demons!

Back in November, Carl Larsen posted in this message that at the factory he was shown metallic strips embedded in the fiberglass to wick away static electricity.