SR22T(N) Turbocharger Model Identification

Dear SR22TN / 22T pilots and mechanics,

I’m working on a very sophisticated software rendition of a SR22TN (TAT) for a flight simulator. It will also feature a fully custom thermodynamic engine model of the IO-550-N with Tornado Alley turbonormalizing system; for this purpose I‘m trying to aquire technical information on the turbochargers used in this application and probably only pilots or mechanics can help me with it as all other attempts to find resources about it were unsuccessful. Also 22T pilots could help because the turbo used in this model is essentially the same!

In short, I need the compressor and turbine maps to code the airflow characteristics of the turbonormalizing system. It would even help to know the model names and specifications (trim, A/R) of the compressor and turbine.

TAT was able to tell me that the turbochargers used on SR22T(N) are manufactured by Hartzell Engine Technologies / Kelly Aerospace as P/N 466304-0003 and P/N 646667 at Continental for the 22T, but rely on conventional Garrett components. Inquiries at the respective manufacturers (HET, Aeroforce) were unsuccessful, even though I’m not interested in any insight information or IP, but only in the turbocharger maps which could be derived on any test bench and are therefore shared by Garrett. I’d highly appreciate any input that could help with identifying the turbocharger model and find its physical properties. Maybe someone knows the respective specs or could have a look under their cowling.

Thank you very much for any help!

Best regards,

Marius Bohn

As near as I could tell they’re t04

Your search may find the data is proprietary…

Highly unlikely. Pretty sure it’s an off the shelf garrett. Gary main is the one to ask. Just call him he’ll talk your ear off about turbos.

Looks like a m24r which I think is a t03, forgot I had pics can’t read the ar

Thanks! That’s good to see, at least confirms it’s a stock Garrett turbo. As far as I could find M24 just identifies the housing and many different models have that stamp.