Partnership in the NYC Metro Area

After almost 800 hours in my SR20, time has come for me to upgrade. I am looking for either a 50% partner or two 1/3 partners in a new SR22 or SR22GTS. I haven’t selected the new airplane (although my SR20 is for sale) so I will be happy to make choices with the partner(s) or join an existing partnership. I am currently based at N07 and CDW is an option (but I am not excluding MMU or LDJ if hangar is available). I fly week-ends, almost never during the week (a couple of times a year I go on long trips) and my flight time average is about 130hrs/yr.

If you are interested in joining a partnership in a new SR22 or are looking for a partner in an existing one (not older than G2) please email me privately (

Happy flying,

Paolo Grassi - N930PG