SR20 Ride in South Carolina

My partners and I are looking at selling our 182H and moving into an older SR20. Problem is that none of us have ever flown a Cirrus! Is there anyone in the upstate area willing to take us up for some gas money and lunch? We are based out of Greenville (GMU) but could fly anywhere close to meet you. Thanks!

Wright Henry


Not real close, but I’d be happy to take you for a ride.

My 2002 SR20 went on the market yesterday.

Wow. Looks like an exceptional example of a SR 20.

It Is. I recently got my IFR in it, and had planned to keep it for at least a couple more years before selling to my son, so upgraded and maintained accordingly. Unfortunately, I got the itch for FIKI and a little more speed, before he was in a position to buy it. I think I am really going to miss the six pack presentation. Time for an old dog to learn new tricks.