SR20 FATALITY...Moscow, TN

Unfortuately this morning there was a single pilot fatality outside this small town 20 miles E of Memphis, TN. Details limited at this

time, but here is what is known. Chute was not deployed. Visability was poor, as ceiling was 400 OVC at KOLV just 15 miles to the

west. Pilot had departed from KNQA (Millington, TN) and was flying in the designated practice area just east of KOLV. A witesss “speculated”

that the plane hit a tree line. {WMCTV.COM

is the local TV website for add’l details}.

This is very sad!

Do you know if he was flying IFR?

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After the COPA 3.0 update, please see this thread on the member’s side:

Cirrus fatal #89 in SR20 N764RV near Moscow, TN on 11 July 2012

Discussion has continued since the release of the probable cause report by the NTSB.