SR20/22 Lightning Protection

After reviewing the SR22 20 page Design and Spec Sheet under the Standard Equipment section a question came to mind about the “Certified Lightning Protection” claimed by Cirrus. There was no discription concerning this important item in an all composite (almost), all electric aircraft. Can anyone shed some light(ning) about the materials used, ability to discharge both static and excess current, etc…

Chris SR22 102

Well they lay thin mesh like material about 6 inches wide in patterns through out the fuselage,cowling ect. while they do the lay-up ususally early in the lay up.wicks discharge the mess if it works. composite is low in conductivity so who knows what will happen.I read a story about 2 folks flying a composite sailplane a few years back.Got hit with lightning.Blew the airplane to hell in midair.The lucky pilots were wearing chutes and being already out of the aircraft due to the help of the lightning god they didnt have to waste time and exit.lucky them as they made it to mama earth floating.