Is there anyone that has the full version of Acrobat that can modify the print output of the downloadable 22 POH so as to get it to print 2 pages per 8.5 x 11 sheet in the landscape orientation? If so, please e-mail me the converted file so I can print it out using the reader only version. Thanks

If you don’t get the modified version, there is a workaround that accomplishes the same thing by printing the even pages first, then printing the odd pages on the same paper you just used to print the evens.

A little goofy I admit. But it does work.

If you can’t get the details to work, drop me an email.


It’s on its way.

Hi Gordon,

I would like a copy of that file as well. Thanks in advance.


Hi, Gordon

I am about to pick up a 2002 SR 22 next week. Is it too late to get a digital POH from you? If not, please send. If it is too late from you, any thoughts about elsewhere?

Thank you.


This is a 14 year old thread you are replying to…

Not Gordon, but the POH is available under the tech tab above. Here is the link.