SR-22 LOP Cruise Performance Tables

I am working on trying to put together an accurate performance spread sheet. It doesn’t look like the poh has anything LOP above 55% power if I remember correctly. Where could I find a table for this, or better yet does anyone have a profile they could share with me to input for the SR-22’s I fly. They both have AC and are G1 and G2’s.

Disclaimer: every plane is different. In my NA G3 (w/ AC) I’ll start at 75% power, then mixture down to 25° LOP I’ll get ~66% power. 13.7gph and ~170IAS.

Yep. See below. This is for LOP in a NA.

I wish ForeFlight would do the same.

Gordon, you don’t happen to have your TN still saved on this too?


Yes, I do. I have two TN profiles stored. Use donor ID gordonf and aircraft N322PT-L for LOP climbs and N322PT-R for ROP climbs.

Thanks Gordon!!

I didn’t realize that heading west can pay to be up high too, the higher headwinds are counteracted by the higher TAS.

I just tried ABQ-VNY tonight and it recommended 16,000.

I wish ForeFlight would introduce something like this to help you pick an altitude, their system is very basic.

Yes, their altitude advisor is next to useless in a TN or a jet due to the extremely basic aircraft performance profiles.

I would say ‘worse than useless’. GIGO.