SR-22 G3 Aircon Shaft Failure...AGAIN!

Hi Guys,

My SR-22 G3 has again snapped its aircon drive shaft. This shaft it was replaced about 2 years ago and the AC probably hasn’t been used for more than 5 minutes in that time. My AMO tells me I’m in for a bill of about $2500 to replace it.

Is there a procedure relating to the AC that I’m not adhering to maybe…I don’t see anything in the POH in this regard.

Any advice will help…thanks!


I had my shaft break on me twice in a row. Then took it to Clear Star and they really know what they are doing with the AC System.

My issue was the other two well well known shops were setting the belt tension way too high and this pre loaded the shaft. The first shock it gets it just snaps. They set the belt tension and I’ve not had a problem since. Blows nice and cold.

There are a few other things to check but my bet is on that.

They set the belt tension with an old spring type fish scale. They pad the top rod and push on the belt and measure the pressure it takes to deflect the belt a certain distance and set the pressure. I thought I wrote down the specs they use but can’t find them. From memory it’s around 8 pounds for 1cm deflection. Mine was at 14.

Cant remember if it was 1cm or 1/2 cm deflection. If your close to Clear Star in Dallas just take it there.


Give me a call - plus two seven eight three 293 seven one niner fife.



There’s four bushings I always check when I change the oil. Maybe Jim B can post a picture of those expensive little bastards. I also turn off when landing. I’ve replace that shaft twice in 8 years

I was warned to turn a/c off before shutting down or face a broken shaft. Have followed the advice religiously. Original shaft still in my 2011 SR 22 G3.

2007 G3 no issues. Off for TO and landing and off before shut down

New bushings 2-3x in 10yrs


Many thanks for the input and advice!!

I had heard that one shouldn’t START the engine with the AC on…so I don’t.

I’ve had the AMO remove the belt just in case something snags something while I’m flying but will have the shaft replaced at the MPI in a couple of weeks. I will be there personally to check the belt tension!

Will give you a call ARI…thanks.

Thanks again guys.