SR-22 Carcass

I have a friend in the film business looking for a carcass of a 22 basically from the rear seat section aft. Does anyone know how to find one, or have any ideas who may have one for sale? Email

Check with Scott Lambert at university air in Gainesville. They bought a wreck and were parting it out. Not sure what is left if anything but maybe. (352) 373-0740.

Here is one on ebay:

Thanks for the info guys! Much appreciated.

I was in Duluth two weeks ago and noticed that Cirrus has 3 or 4 airframes sitting next to a building just to the west of the main factory building. When I asked my instructor for the story behind them, he said that they are old airframes that have been used for certification testing and system upgrades and are not airworthy. If I remember correctly, none of them had engines. Your friend may want to contact Cirrus to see if he can buy one.

Maybe RJ should buy one for the 20’ drop testing the FAA wants for his run-flat tires.