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Hi all,

Weird issue that seems to be persisting on my phone (iPhone iOS 14.6), using the DiscourseApp to view the forum.

Scrolling through long threads (e.g the AOG app thread) I noticed that the new posts are out of order. E.g. scroll through then getting newer and newer (8h, 8h, 6h, 6h, 5h) then suddenly old (3d, 3d, 3d).

I haven’t changed any settings… anyone else having this oddity?

Just to add, some of the suddenly old threads are replies to an equally old parent, but the young thread above is entirely younger than that old parent. So I don’t think it’s suddenly displaying threaded replies together rather than in a first come first serve nature.


The ‘issue’ you are seeing is normal, and occurs anytime posts are merged from one topic to another, Discourse preserves the chronology and sequence from the original topic yet appends the posts at the end of the topic into which they are merged.

In the case of the AOG App topic, this occurred more than once to consolidate that discussion into one topic.

This is not an ideal solution, however, randomly stitching posts together that were in sequence in their original topic, making them completely out of sequence in the new topic, and interspersing them between unrelated posts in the new topic would be worse, and potentially make the replies unintelligible.

I hope this makes sense?

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