Sidestick Controls

Mercedes-Benz seems to be exploring sidestick controls for automobiles for replacing the steering wheel and the brakes. See


Sounds like we’ve come full circle back to the horse and buggy days. No steering wheel or pedals required then either. At least the MB system eliminates the whip.


This is not a new concept for cars.

When I was younger and read World Book Encyclopedias (i.e. pre-computer browseing of the original World Wide Web), I remember seeing a picture of a GM concept car with a center stick. You would push it forward to go faster, pull it back to brake, and of course go side to side to steer.

Seemed like a good idea to me then and now!

Yes… even back in horse and buggy days, many had a passenger-side windbag… [:$]


Sounds like a good idea to me too, but then where would the bright switch go?