Are there any potential SR20gts owners looking for 1 or 2 partners in the valley area (DVT, SDL, GEU)? I’ve been on a demo flight and am very interested in purchasing NEW preferably, or used with 2 partners ideally.

Have you found any partners yet. I maybe interested once Instrument rating complete next month.

I know a fellow who might be interested in an SR-22 partnership. He lives in Gilbert and would fly out of CHD. Currently, he’s renting SR-20/22s with a flying club out of DVT.

If anyone is interested, e-mail me at, and I’ll put you in touch.

IÂ’m very close to buying an SR22 GTS to be based at Chandler Airport. IÂ’d like to speak to anyone who might be interested in sharing and/or renting an SR22 GTS at Chandler Airport.

Hey Scott,

Yes I have found two interested people but nothing has been locked down. I’m pretty set on buying new and choosing the gts model. Keep in touch with me when you might be able to seriously consider it. Thanks!


Hey Mark,

I am ready to consider it. I am in the X-ctry time building phase so i can take my instrument check ride. I guess now would be as good a time as any. I have been looking at used A/C lately but would rather get into a share of a new one.Also if you know anybody that needs a safety pilot or just somebody to fly with to build time can you let me know.Thanks