Sandel losing contact with GNS430

I have had 3 occurrences of the Sandel losing contact with the GNS430. Each time I have had to pull and push the Sandel circuit breaker to force the Sandel to initialize. I have already installed the latest Sandel software update, which was supposed to fix this problem.


I have about 20 hours since the I upgraded the Sandel (I think that we did it the same week)…so far so good, but then again I have not hit that magic 50 hour mark where everything seemed to go to hell prior to the upgrade.


We have 185 hours on ours now and have never had a problem with the Sandel. It always works perfectly. We have programmed the #1 GNS 430 to remind us to switch tanks every 30 minutes, and the little ‘MSG’ annunciator comes on in the corner just in case you are not looking at the Garmin. Pretty cool. Of course the moving map is really useful too. All in all, everything about our Sandel is just perfect as far as I know.

We installed the new software and have not had the problem since then. Prior to the upgrade we encountered the problem during the spring and fall at irregular intervals.