S-TEC 55x

Could someone with a 55x Autopilot on a SR22 please let me know if it comes with a separate selector alerter panel. Thanks, MIKE

yes it does

mine is a B package - I’m not sure if alt preselect/alert is also included in A package

Mike, thanks, did you use the S-TEC 55x training CD, and if so did you find it useful? Thanks; Mike

Didn’t know there was a training CD for the 55X. Is it available from STEC?

You can find the training Cd at http://www.s-tec.com/cd55.html. It’s free to download. Stec will probably be giving these discs away for free at Sun N Fun. I may even have an extra laying around I can mail to you. Just let me know. If you don’t have a good highspeed connection for the download it can be frustrating. Hope this helps. Like Arnold said in reply to having a lucky day… “The more I practice… the luckier I get”. Education is power!! Fly Safe