Road Trip

If anyone in the Bay Area or in the Anchorage/Kenai/Ketchikan areas that would like a tour of a Gulfstream 3 (N80J) followed by food/beverage/Cirrus discussion/war stories meet me at the following places and times:

SFO / Signiture / approx 12 noon Sunday 8 July

ANC / ERA / approx 1245 Monday 9 July

PAEN / Kenai Airport / approx 0900 Tuesday 10 July

PAKT / Aero Services / approx 1500 Tuesday 10 July
No SR20 yet have to make do with 600 ground speed.

Also in the A1E in SEA we would often run a drop tank dry. Then, as your heart raced, switch to another tank. Heart racing due not because engine might not start (see parachuting) but the fact that you were over enemy territory. Thus ends the war story for the day.