Ride in Dallas

Wondering if there’s anybody in the Dallas (TX) area that might be interesting in providing a ride to a Cirrus starved swede sometime between March 9th and 14th.
As of yet there are none in Sweden and 1 of 2 on order apparently was cancelled by some lunatic (not me obviously).

Not in for a free ride, I’d gladly pay a buck for the experience.

Is Krister a boy’s or girl’s name?

The answer will impact if St. Louis is in the Dallas area.


Sorry to dissappoint you, I’m a guy.
That’s proably good though, 'cause I think I wouldn’t be attractive as a girl - with a beard and all I mean …

Be glad to give you a ride. I’m at Addison airport (ADS) in far north Dallas. My email is doug.powell@rushgroup.com, phone (work) 972-308-8861, and (home) 972-713-8464. You will be at least the 6th position holder or prospective purchaser I have given their first Cirrus ride. Maybe I should ask CD for a commission. Actually my reward is the response everyone expresses to this wonderful aircraft.

Dear Kris,

If you fly with Doug, be sure to get a bottle of “Stupid Grin remover” first. After flying 566DP I got this grin for a whole week !

And for Doug it doesn’t matter, he got a beautiful wife already.

Jaap #683
(1 of those six, and back for my instrument rating at Addison in June)

I’m practicing stupid grins already !!

Count me as another one of ‘Powel’s stupid grinners’! Doug took me for a ride in his SR20 just before I took delivery of my SR22 (late July 2001). I, like Doug, am based at ADS.
Appx. 220 hours later and I’m still grinning. I would be delighted to take you for a ride in my SR22. Charles Kallassy
PS: Doug, I am still waiting to take you for a ride…


Couldn’t get a hold of you this times but rest assured I shall track you down the next time I’m over. Doug kindly lent me a hand at his gorgeous aircraft and I’m still grinning, Thanks again Doug.

I’ll post some pics on my website eventually:

PS. It’s in swedish but the pics are international …

Sorry we missed each other. I tried calling the number that you left with my secretary but couldn’t get through. Glad that you and Doug were able to fly. I look forward to getting together the next time that you are in Dallas.