Revised Sandel web site

Take a look at They have completely revamped their web site. Under “features” for the SN 3308 you find an interactive description of the 3308 including all sub functions, display options, etc. etc. etc.
This is the best description of this unit that I have seen yet, and explains things that I did not know about the 3308. It should be required reading for anyone waiting for delivery of a SR22B.

Related to Sandel, I spoke with Russ Myers at Goodrich regarding Skywatch displaying on the Sandel. He was surprised to hear this and had no information about it. He said that a Goodrich representative was at Cirrus today and that he would find out from him whether there is such a display option available. He was also uncertain as to the display of Stormscope data on the Garmin GNS 430 and promised additional information on this point. I also sent an email to Sandel regarding the Skywatch display. No reply as yet. So far as I could see in a brief review of the revamped Sandel web site, I saw no reference to Skywatch data being displayed on the 3308.

So far as Stormscope data is concerned, Russ Myers said his preference would be a display on the Garmin GNS 430. The display of Stormscope data on the Sandel is tied into the map range set on the display, and generally this is going to be set to the low end to see the close in detail. There have been reports of the Arnav display failing, and at the least the Garmin displays would serve as a backup. Each device displaying the Stormscope data can have a different map range and can also have a different display as to strike or cell mode.

I’m pretty well decided on going with both Stormscope and Skywatch, regardless of the exact display options available. Of course, more is better IMHO and if Skywatch will display on the Sandel and Stormscope on the GNS 430 that simply gives you more options for the display according to your preference.