Retarded is no longer an acceptable term

So I’m claiming imbecile.

I need help incorporating my office letterhead into a computer document that I can then work with like WORD, though I need it on a Mac. I need to send an official looking document by email.

Could one of you ask your grade schoolers to explain to me (prefer monosyllabically) how this is done?

I asked my junior partner, but I think he’s irked with me because I make him take call on the weekends like the rest of us- this new generation hasn’t the work ethic of us oldsters, harrumph!

Richard, if you have Word or Pages, create a dummy document, and you should be able to drag and drop the logo, or use an Import command. Position everything the way you want then “Save as template”. Not sure if Word used that exact terminology (Pages does). Then you will be able to create new documents from that template.

If you Google " Mac Word template " you will find lots of how-tos.


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Re your remarks about the newer generation: A few years back, my dentist opened an office in Steamboat Springs, about 50 miles away. When hiring staff, such as Dental Hygienists, they were asked by several applicants, “How many SNOW DAYS a year do we get off?”

When this Dentist asked what that was about, he was told that when they got a “Fresh Powder” on the mountain, they wouldn’t be coming to work those days, that was why they lived in Steamboat. When he asked 'What about our clients who have made appointments, sometimes a month or two in advance?" they gave a shrugged shoulder reply…

Go figure… :-!

What is Airbus going to do? All those avionics to be reprogrammed to stop saying, “Retard, Retard” [6]

Nah, the current term is “intellectually disabled.” Rather more accurate for its intended use and less culturally encumbered.

Perhaps this will help. Hope so, I could barely understand it myself! [;)]

I with you on the "new generation ".

Has the system failed them?

80 hour work week.

Missing cases in training.

40 percent of general surgeons cannot do a laparoscopic gallbladder alone (as judged by fellowship directors).

But I cannot help you regarding computer issues as my 14 year old is not here


In true COPA fashion, only one of the responses is remotely on point. (That one was from a ferner, quite possibly a murderer or rapist, who can tell when their gummints disguise them so cunningly.)

And now, all the previous responders wonder “is Sanjay talkin’ about me?”

LOL :-))))

First things first! When you say “office letterhead” do you mean only a paper copy (in which case it needs to be scanned in first?) or do you already have an electronic version that may be more amenable to the dragging and dropping Clyde suggests?

Need to scan it first, and I thought that was within my capabilies.

But it has a letterhead at the top, with a logo,

and the partners names and credentials down the left side, so I think a simple scan will not be enough.

Some kind of document box?

Not sure what the real experts would do, but if it were me, I’d scan it as an image, at a pretty high resolution (the scanner probably has something like “scan to JPG” or some such setting - as for resolution it depends on the scanner but something like 600 dpi might be good). Then in a graphics program - anything from Photoshop to Paint depending on what you might easily have at your disposal - you could copy / paste the two images, separately, into independent files. Then you could insert (or drag/drop per Clyde’s post) the images into a Word document for use as a template…

Heck, these days you could probably take a well-lit picture with your smart phone and it would be almost as good, and start from there.

This all assumes, of course, that you don’t have the original electronic copies of the letterhead images. Any kind of scan/photo/etc. will not look as nice as the original digital images, and if done sloppily, might even have kind of a “bad fax” quality to them…

Richard, if you don’t have a digital version of the logo, and all you want to do is a one-off digital version of a letter, why not just create a paper version and scan it? If you don’t have the equipment or skills to scan it, take it to somewhere that can, and get it copied into a USB stick. Then email the file.

As is often the case, I may have made assumptions about what you are actually trying to achieve. Perhaps a fuller description of the problem would enable better suggestions for solutions.


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Rather than scan the letterhead – which will lose some quality – I bet you could call whoever designed the letterhead – the artwork. Probably, that person could send you a high-resolution electronic file of the letterhead. They might even send it in the format you want (Word?) and then you can just open it and save it as a template.

If the guy who did the artwork is gone, the person that printed it should have a file. He needed it to do the printing. Printers archive these things for reprints.


If you would like to mail me (in an envelope, with a stamp on it) one page of that letterhead I could give it a shot and email back (no envelope, no stamp, just the magic Internet) a document template.

Address is: NXGEN, 940 Spokane avenue, Whitefish, MT 59937.

Now, if you had your logo on your practice’s website, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter cover, just point us to one of them, and we can use that!

Doc…you should be able to scan and save from PDF to JPEG. Then on Word upload the picture as a watermark. If this doesn’t work, I will give your money back [;)]

Or email me a pdf of your letterhead and some very sharp people here should be able to set it up for you. Please check your email.

Clyde has the easiest suggestion. If you only need “official looking”, just take a logo, say, this one:

McG logo.png

slap it on top, insert the partner names in the left margin, and save as a template. It’s not really your stationary, and it’s a bit tedious to list everything by hand, but it’s easier than trying to learn new computer skills.

(Or try Plan B: just post a photo of what you stationary looks like. I’m sure someone here could whip something up.)

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I was once told by a friend who fly for AA/US Air, the first time is a verb and the second is a noun.