Red Numbers [Corrected]

Has anyone else noticed that the new posts red numbers are now blue instead of red? At least on both my desktop (Chrome) and iPad. (Discourse) …


I was wondering why they changed.

An update last night changed the modification we had for the red numbers, they are coming back…


But I like the blue!


In honor of the HS we should move away from anything red or blue. Let’s go for purple LOL. Just joking @ErikGun

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Lol. I like the red better as the blue is light, but it is close to my school color so I’m happy either way. As long as it isn’t Texas orange I’m fine.

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My school colors are red and blue, so either one works, but the numbers I am looking at look Volunteer or Clemson Orange to me.

Red numbers are corrected!

You will now notice a “NEW” Banner on topics in place of Red Number when on the Latest Page.

Here is how they should look in both Dark and Lite mode.


I like the “new” banners. Great upgrade. Thanks, Eric!

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check out The commentary by Tom Haines in this July issue of AOPA Pilot magazine:

“ Every redesign causes a not insignificant number of people to react, usually negatively, to the change. After a few months, the noise level goes down. And then, years later, when the next redesign comes along, the same people often complain again about the new look and insist we go back to the “old design”—the same one they didn’t like when it first debuted.

Let’s face it, we all resist change to a certain extent”

There is psychology behind those update red dots:

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