Recent TripAdvisor Reviews for Maui Flight Academy- Thank you!

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I’ve been watching for the past three years or so, as i have family in Maui, and i’d love sightsee the islands with a Cirrus. Been looking for Cirrus rentals in Hi for at least 5 years now.

But the problem reamins the same, that FA requires a CFI to fly with you continually… So my daughter and 2 grandsons can’t all fit in, coz the CFI takes right seat… Always! Extra expense for the Instructor, and not enough room in the plane. I’ve always been advised they do NOT allow even a seasoned Cirus pilot to fly without an instructor along.

Any changes on the horizon ??

I wish I had better news. Insurance is so expensive as it is, the demand doesn’t justify the cost. But we can still have a great time!

I’m sure it’s a marvelous place to fly about, but one grandkid left behind won’t think so… [:’(]