PSP 3/2 fly-in

With 18 Cirrus aircraft and 40+ folks, the Palm Springs fly-in on Saturday, March 2 was a resounding success! Much hob-nobbing occurred as we gathered around the brand new Avidyne-equipped SR22 that Walt Conley had just flown in from Duluth.

The photo only tells half the story, as there is an additional row of Cirri behind the one depicted. I would have needed a 360 degree fisheye lens or the Goodyear blimp to get all of them!


GREAT PIC! Geesh, I’m envious of you guys! Looks like you had a great day for it, too.


Great picture, I was planning on coming in a rented 172. or a friends A36, Unfortunately, the winds were beyond the FBO’s rental standards. My friend thought it would be too bumpy to fly from Van Nuys. Did all these Cirri have an easy flight in? Scott , SR20 position 754

Scott,We flew to PSP from Santa Barbara in our SR20. The winds aloft at 7500’ were actually quite benign — we just had a couple of bumps to the west of the Banning Pass. I suspect you would have experienced the most turbulence at low level in the San Fernando Valley. Still, your friend made a prudent decision. It’s better to have been on the ground wishing you were in the air than the other way around!Cheers,Roger