Prop/Throt. Control

I’m a little confussed. I have read the plane flys @ 2700 RPM for both the SR20/22. Is this the climb RPM setting or does the prop/engine operate at this high RPM all the time? I would think since it has a constant speed prop, that supposedly is controlled automaticly with the throttle, that it would adjust down to 23-2400 RPM like 90% of all the other planes I have flown.

The power lever is both throttle and prop control, depending on where in the throw you are. At the top end, the throttle is wide open and the prop is set to 2700 RPM. As you pull back, the prop is reduced to 2500 RPM but the throttle remains wide open. Then keep pulling and the prop stays at 2500 RPM while the throttle comes back. There’s also some trick at the bottom end of the throw for doing the prop check.

It doesn’t let you create every possible combination of MP and RPM, but it does the most important stuff and it’s easy to handle.

Thanks Dave.

I was hopeing you would tell me what you just did. When I read awhile back that they were working on this prop/throt. automatic thing I figured there was only one way to do it in a simple way. 2700 RPM take off and 2500 cruise still seems a little high. My guess this is the same for the 3-blade and the 2-blade prop.