Precise Flight Oxygen Systems?

Does anybody have any experience with, or had installed, the Precise Flight Permanent O2 system that mounts in the tail?

My boss has SR-22 #2309 and is interested in this retrofit. Very curious about system and installation costs, operating techniques, maintenance issues, etc. I’ve called around and the quotes we’ve gotten have been in the $10k ballpark installed…

Also interested in thoughts on the semi-portable system that mounts between the rear seats, especially from those who currently use it.


I have both systems. The portable one was used in an older plane. It works well and also acts as a rear seat territorial divider for children. However, 4 people can deplete the system on a long trip. It has always lasted for the trip but needed to be replenished prior to returning. My present plane came with the system installed in the tail. I like it a lot better since it lasts a long time. The annunciator is nice too and the connectors are easier to get to (overhead). The best thing about it is the capacity. Sherri and I have used it several times and it is still almost full.



Please fell free to contact us at Precise Flight and we would be happy to answer any questions. We have some information on the website for the fixed system ( and for the semi-portable system (

Over all, in a few words or less, there is a certain amount of commonality between the two systems as both system use the same constant flow meters, and due to a different operating pressure a slightly different PreciseFlow Oxygen Conserver (Demand regulator). The semi-portable system uses a 22cuft bottle, while the fixed (built-in) system uses a 77cuft bottle. The safety benefits with the built in system are the additional annunciation and warnings should the system become low on pressure, or not be engaged when oxygen is needed, and better access to the distribution ports. The distribution ports with light replaces your current dome light.

We also have the current Flight Manual Supplements available on-line with a much more in-depth description of the system in our support section (

I hope this helps.


James Sutherland
Director of Engineering – PFI
Co-Owner N769CD, 2004 SR22

We installed the Precise Flight Permanant O2 system into our airplane a few months back. The system install is extremely clean (I believe same as factory O2) and has worked exceptionally well, allowing us to save a good amount of fuel as well as take advantage of stronger tailwinds in the mid-teens. In our naturally-aspirated SR22 we’ve been flying 500-600nm segments between 14-16,000 with great results. The owner has been very happy with the benefits vs. the cost, which was just over $10,000 installed by ECAS.

Now we just need some wingtip recog lights with pulsilite capability!!!