practice makes almost perfect

I keep saying practice for the worst. There is a reason, I care, and I want you to tell us about the great job you did if something went wrong. Being a CFII I see plenty of rusty people that think everything will always be at 100% perfect. Here are the last lines of a fellow Lancair pilot’s accident report. Don’t think his airplane is any less then ours just because it is an experimental or is not a Cirrus. Lancairs are sound airplanes.

As for lessons learned, few of us actively

practice emergency procedures, much less spend time seeing how the plane

flies with no power or landing “dead stick.” This is not to suggest that we should practice dead stick landings. In a XXXXX, that practice in and of itself is risky. However, we should keep in mind that these are experimental planes and that both certified and uncertified engines can malfunction. Without the knowledge to deal with such a situation, a true

disaster can ensue.

Question… Why does a baseball (football, pianist, singer, golfer, announcer, runner, etc.) player practice? Be safe and be happy

Have a great Cirrus day…