Possible Aeroshell Oil Recall


I just received a forwarded email of a forwarded email that said the following:

“Just spoke with technical services at Shell, 800-231-6950. A small amount of debris contaminated some oil. Best way to figure out if you have the affected batch is to look at the code lettering on the case. The code will have 2 letters, then 6 digits. The 2 letters are the location. In this incident, you are looking for “WR” (Wood River). The next six digits are the date, MM,DD,YY. The dates in question are September 7, 2001 (090701), through November 23, 2001 (112301). If you’ve got some of this brew, it’s probably best to call them. When asked, I told them I had the case at the hangar. If you have only the bottle containers, there is a more complicated coding system a process he was reluctant to relate to me, possibly due to the number of calls they’re receiving. 800-231-6950 I’m sure that if someone called with only the bottles, they would take the time to explain it.”


"I just got off the phone with the rep from Aeroshell. Apparently a pump went bad and deposited 30 micron cast iron particles in the oil stream. It was discovered when someone was adding oil to the engine, cut off the bottom of one of the oil bottle to use the bottle as a funnel and found flakes on the bottom. "

Supposedly this information came from some Bonanza mailing list. As with most widely distributed email, I’m not sure whether it’s actually telling the truth or is just some kind of rumor. But given the contents, I thought it was worth posting here, in case anyone has the oil in question and was about to put some of it in their plane over the weekend.

I would suggest if anyone has the oil in question to give Aeroshell a call, and please post more information here – if this turns out to be a false alarm, I apologize in advance.


Anyone know if its any particular version? Like multivis 15-50 or just 100W? A failure like that is probably in only one one batch and that will help narrow it down (I hope).


From today’s AVweb AVflash:

"AEROSHELL RECALL: Twenty suspect cases of Aeroshell single- and multigrade aircraft oils are being called back, sparked by safety concerns. It seems that a mechanical problem at a “blend plant” shed some debris from the blend tanks into the packaging equipment. Equilon Lubricants LLC, makers of Aeroshell, has decided that certain recent batches of its product may be contaminated and has decided to recall and replace the suspect products.

NOTE: Contact information and a list of affected products is included in AVweb’s NewsWire at avweb.com."

Here’s the URL:



http://www.eaa.org/communications/eaanews/011130_aeroshellrecall.htmlThis link from EAA indicates it’s a bunch of different weights, but only selected batches.



Thanks. Looks like I might be affected with my Tiger. Will check it out before I fly it again.


I have bottle here were are the no’s at and what do we do if the oil cans are gone from the fbo were we had oil changed I guess I should call them on monday from Don