Portland Oregon area partnership?


I am relocating to Portland from the East Coast in August. I had to sell my C-182 share out here (boo hoo) and I am very interested in “moving up” to a Cirrus partnership if anyone is interested in forming one or has a share available.

I will post in marketplace as well, but I also just want to connect with any friendly PDX-area pilots out there too. Is there any on-line community for Portland pilots? I will most likely base at KHIO, whatever I end up flying.



Oregon Pilots Assn, Beaverton Chapter.

Probably give Bill Hollenbeck, who is Cirrus rep based at HIO, a call on partnerships.

Beaverton (BOCPA) chapter meets once a month on first Fri night, and Hollenbeck and his wife are very active. His phone is 503-645-3455.