Partnership Chicago

Hello everyone. Looking to get into a partnership in the Chicago area. Does anyone know of existing owners looking to add partners, an existing partnership looking to add/replace pilots or a group trying to get a partnership going? I’ve done the math and it makes little sense to purchase on my own to fly as little as I plan to. Hoping for some leads! Closest airports to me are Schaumburg and Chicago Executive but open to others.

Haven’t flown much in the last year but was a CFII/MEI and flew for the airlines for 5 years before taking over a family company.

Hello there,

I am interested in exploring a partnership in a Cirrus too. I live close to Chicago Executive airport near the lake. I currently fly as a corporate pilot and have been interested in flying small aircraft again. I have a whopping one hour in a SR22 but really loved it. Of course, I flared a bit too high on my landing so I am sure I would need an extensive check out. At this point, I am trying to determine if it is in my budget so a partnership is definitely the way to go. Anyway, let me know if you would like to discuss this further.




I am completing my instrument training. Looking to form a partnership based out of KPWK, Chicago Executive. I am a CPA so could handle the accounting side of the partnership. Was looking at Beech, but my instructor turned me on to Cirrus aircraft. Interested in a 22 as I primarily need extra useful load.

Please contact Arthur. 847-962-9311.