I don’t have the full numbers, scrawled them in the log book, but I did extensive engine monitoring from PSP to MRY today.

I was unable to reproduce the 190 TAS numbers this time. This is from memory (sorry):

10.5 +1C OAT 20" MP 2700RPM 17GPH EGT 1400 CHT 300

181 KTAS

I’ve also got numbers for 8.5, but you’ll have to wait until I can get out to the plane.

Max ground speed today was 203. Swell. I’ve yet to take it into the yellow arc (sigh).


Oh, left PSP 15 minutes after Walt, went off course a couple of times for traffic and because I wasn’t positive of where I should be when going through banning pass between PSP and PMD.

Landed MRY on his tail, after throttling back for the 2nd half of the trip and doing S-turns on V137 for the last 15 minutes. :slight_smile:

By the way, Cirri have very narrow profiles from the rear and above, they are not easy to spot if you’re behind one on a 10 mile final. Be warned (controller and I started to get nervous).